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Rose Quartz & Lavender Lip Oil

Designer: made by Amara Cosmetics

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(hint of pink when applied) 

Size: 5ml

About: This sheer pink lip oil adds the perfect balance of hydration and healing that will leave your lips silky smooth and rejuvenated. With Lavender Oil for relaxation and pink cornflower that cools and tones the lips. We also added rose quartz, which are known for their spiritual ability to foster self-love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace🥀

This lip oil is perfect for all skin types!


Ingredients: Rose Quartz/24K sheet foil/Fractionated Coconut Oil/Vitamin E Oil/Apricot Oil/Grape-seed Oil/Lavender Oil/Pink-Cornflower petals/Pigment/Flavoring


Vegan & Cruelty Free🐰