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Safflower & Calendula Lip Oil

Designer: made by Amara Cosmetics

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(hint of orange when applied)

Size: 5ml

About: This orange tinted oil adds the perfect balance of hydration and healing that will leave your lips silky smooth and rejuvenated. Our Safflower and Calendula lip oil  is infused with Safflower that stimulates blood flow to the lips and orange Calendula petals that act as an anti-inflamatory, With anti-bacterial properties that heals wounds and soothes rashes. We also added just Jasmine for regulating PH levels in the lips! Our lip oil is perfect for those that have consistant chapped lips.

This lip oil is perfect for all skin types!


Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil/Vitamin E Oil/Apricot Oil/Grape-Seed Oil/Safflower/Calendula Petals/Pigment/Flavoring/(Reb-A) Sweetener


Vegan & Cruelty Free🐰